Best place for Swedish meatballs in Stockholm?

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    Hi everyone. I hope I picked the right thread to ask this question.

    To keep it short and simple – my partner and I like to travel and our very cherished activity abroad is trying the local cuisine. Our next destination (late fall/early winter) is Stockholm. Since we spent a small fortune decorating our apartment in IKEA and sometimes surviving the day on those Swedish meatballs, we decided it’s time to go for the real thing this time! However, we’re a bit divided…

    I’d really appreciate any feedback or experiences about the best place in Stockholm for the glorius Swedish meatball! Thanks in advance! 🙂

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    Nice! There are a lot of good places to try in Stockholm. Have you tried this guide?

    Where to find the best meatballs in Stockholm


    Seems like a really cool guide, I’ll definitely keep it in mind! And I see the guide also contains Meatballs for the People, which is reassuring!

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