Tønsberg Viking Festival

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September 12, 2019 – September 15, 2019 all-day

Tønsberg has a vivid Viking past. As the oldest city and formal capital of Norway, it was a flourishing trade hub and a major centre of political power in Viking times.

Viking Festival in Tonsberg, Norway

Pic: Rigel (CC)

This heritage is brought to life today at the Tønsberg Viking Festival, where visitors are transported to the year 793 and can explore all aspects of Viking life in ancient Tønsberg.

Events take place around the city, about an hour’s train ride south of Oslo. Singers will perform traditional Viking tunes daily, while ancient Viking meetings known as tings will be recreated by local theatre groups on the very spots where they occurred hundreds of years ago.

Local sports clubs offer a variety of Viking-era games for adult and kids. Traditional food from the Viking days is available as well, and several Viking ships will be docked in the harbour for you to explore.

The festival also includes a Viking market, as well as various films, shows, competitions, games for the kids, archery, exhibitions, live music concerts, and guided tours of local sites. Events are spread throughout the town; see the festival’s website for more details.

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