Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm

September 3, 2019 – September 7, 2019 all-day
Some free / some paid

Just like Edinburgh, Stockholm has its own Fringe Festival. Although not as famous as its Scottish cousin, the 10th anniversary of STOFF in 2019 is sure to inspire thousands of visitors.

Stockholm Fringe Festival

Peaches / Eric Silva (CC)

Stockholm Fringe Festival, or STOFF, is a multidisciplinary arts festival where the attractions include everything from physical performances to art installations.

And for six days at the beginning of September, venues throughout the Swedish capital host plays, dance performances, music and visual art. Last year, no less than 70 acts from 23 countries performed.

All kinds of performers are showcased, from established groups or individuals to up-and-coming talents in search of a spotlight. This year, Canadian artist Peaches is headlining with her show Peaches Christ Superstar.

The festival focuses on promoting alternative artists, artistic freedom and performers who think outside-the-box. So visitors can expect lots of inspiration plus some truly great entertainment.

As well as the acts, the festival includes seminars, workshops, talks and speed-dating for artists, culminating in the STOFF Fringe Awards.

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