Stavern Festival, Larvik

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July 12, 2018 – July 14, 2018 all-day
Stavernsveien 232
3267 Larvik
From 995 NOK for 1-day pass; 1995 NOK for full festival pass

Once the weather gets (a bit) warmer and the nights a bit brighter, Norwegians flock to outdoor events, making the most of the short Scandinavian summers and cramming in as many festivals as you can shake a tent pole at.

Stavernfestival in Norway

Pic: Tore Sætre (CC)

One of these events is Stavern Festival, held in the town of Larvik in the country’s southeast. It’s a lively pop and rock festival that started out in 2001 with a total audience of just 175 people.

In recent years the festival has scooped some of music’s very biggest names. Bob Dylan appeared in 2014, while Elton John and Pharrell Williams took to the stage at the Larvik Golf Arena the following year.

The names announced for this year do not have such a household ring to them but the festival, which encourages guests to be ‘fair and nice, and otherwise do as you like’, will be sure to do its best to live up to the laid-back Scandinavian festival vibe.