Smukfest, Skanderborg

August 7, 2019 – August 11, 2019 all-day
8660 Skanderborg
From 1,100 DKK

Smukfest, often called ‘Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival’, attracts big name music acts such as Eric Clapton, Rihanna, Green Day and Kylie Minogue, with Robbie Williams headlining this year’s bash. 

The Smukfest festival, Denmark

Pic: Krists Luhaers (CC)

However, the five-day event describes itself as less of a music festival and more of a “holistic out-of-this-world experience… a manifestation of love, life and togetherness. It’s old and young, CEOs and students, hippies and yuppies and everything in between.” And with more than 170 events spread over the five-day festival, it aims to have something for everyone.

One section of the site is dedicated to lectures and intellectual discussions, another features “haggler-shops, who will sell you the weirdest stuff”, while artists have been hired to paint the walls, trees, and even people, with graffiti art. 

There are 80 different food stalls (from fine dining gourmet restaurants to quick-and-dirty burger joints and everything in between), 50 theme bars serving every type of alcohol, mobile hairdressers and makeup artists on site, plus fitness activities from yoga to handball.


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