Smak Food Festival, Tromsø

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September 19, 2019 – September 21, 2019 all-day
9008 Tromsø
Free, but some activities paid

The Smak Food Festival highlights the very best of local food production, along with some of the unique cuisine available in Northern Norway.

Smak food festival in Tromsø, Norway

Pic: Simen Fangel, Røst Kommunikasjon

Tromsø has long been a fishing city, and ‘Smak’ (the Norwegian word for ‘taste’) provides plenty of opportunities to taste a whole host of seafood dishes prepared with locally-sourced ingredients.

The centre of the festival is Storgata, Tromsø’s main street, which is usually lined with more than 60 tents with exhibitors selling fresh food from regional farmers and fishermen, plus drinks and a wide variety of prepared dishes for you to try.

You may also be able to join one of the food tours, which run several times a day and take you to visit the various booths. In previous years, several cooking courses and a cocktail-mixing courses have also been available as well.

Each night there are also ‘After-Smak’ events, where the festive mood moves to a local pub. Expect good eats paired with great drinks.

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