Sami Week, Tromsø

February 3, 2020 – February 9, 2020 all-day
Reindeer Racing 200 NOK

Galloping reindeer and lasso-throwing Norwegians are two essential ingredients in Tromsø’s annual Sámi Week.

Watch reindeer race down the high street during Sami week in Tromso.

Pic: Tiller Foto

It’s an unforgettable winter experience where visitors can learn about the culture and customs of the indigenous people of Scandinavia’s Arctic region. The result is a varied mix of cultural events that coincides with the Sámi National Day on February 6th.

During the week you can visit art and craft exhibitions, attend lectures and seminars on Sámi culture and enjoy a range of concerts. The weekend brings the popular Arctic Market to the city’s Main Square, where you can dress up in traditional clothes while sampling authentic Sámi food.

And then it’s time to buckle up for some Arctic action. Saturday turns Tromsø into the wild wild north for the Norwegian Lasso Throwing Championships, while Sunday serves up the main event – the adrenaline-pumping reindeer races to crown the Norwegian champion.

This unique event will probably be your only chance to see reindeer and their riders race down Tromsø’s main street in a clash of city-life and century-old traditions.

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