PolarNight Half Marathon, Tromsø

January 4, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
675 NOK (half-marathon distance)

If you find it hard to get out for your weekly run in the dark winter, you might just need a bit of extra motivation. We’re thinking a bit of Aurora Borealis should do the trick.

The PolarNight half marathon in Tromso is Norway's largest winter running event

Tiller Foto

And, you’ll have a great chance to catch the spectacular northern lights phenomenon if you sign up for the PolarNight Half Marathon.

Norway’s largest winter running event takes place in the city of Tromsø, a two-hour flight north of Oslo. Here you can join 2000 runners from all over the world, and if you’re not up for the half marathon, less exhausting 10 and 5km races are options too.

Pack some waterproof running shoes as a layer of snow is highly likely, but leave your sunglasses back home. Despite the race kicking off in the mid-afternoon, you’ll be running in the dark as the sun doesn’t show its face at all up here at this time of year.

And if all goes well, you can pre-book a Polar Night dinner to celebrate your arctic Achievement.

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