Oslo Pride Parade

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June 22, 2019 all-day

The Pride Parade, the highlight of Oslo’s Pride Week, is a huge, vibrant parade filling the city’s streets – it’s the second-biggest parade after Norway’s National Day celebrations, and it’s possibly the most colourful of them all.

Oslo pride celebrations

Pic: Tjook (CC)

Starting in the Grønland neighbourhood, the parade makes its way through town and finishes at the Pride Park where music, dance and colourful crowds of well-wishers finish off the day.

Pride Parade is not the only event but the culmination of an entire week of Pride events in the Norwegian capital beginning on 14nd June and taking in 200 different events across the city – check the event’s website for the full programme.

The parade is described by its organisers as a fun party and a way of showing solidarity with those that are unable to attend. It will also offer political support for the whole concept of diversity.

Everyone is welcome to either take part in the parade or stand by and take it in the show as a spectator.

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