Organic Cow Day, Central Jutland

April 14, 2019 all-day
Across Denmark

Have you ever seen a cow jumping and hopping for joy as it is released into the fields for the first time under sunny spring skies? Organic Cow Day invites you to do just that – and you won’t be alone.

Cow day in Denmark

Every year on a (fingers crossed) sunny day in April, families across Denmark head to a local organic farm to open up the stable doors and let the cows roam free in the fields after a long winter spent in the confinement of the cow shed. The joy of the cows at being allowed out is so great that they are often seen to jump in the air – much to the delight of spectators.

The event has become so popular that almost 250,00 Danes are said to attend, according to organisers. There are events taking place across most of Denmark. The Økodag (Organic Day) website provides a link so that you can locate a nearby farm and join in the day’s activities.

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