Lucia Kayak Parade, Copenhagen

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December 13, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Børskaj 12
1221 København K

Lucia is a Christian tradition commonly celebrated across Scandinavia. It aims to bring light into the midst of December darkness, and celebrations are typically held at universities, schools and churches.

The traditional festivities are a beautiful sight, with processions of children singing, carrying candles and dressed in white robes. The kayak procession through Copenhagen’s canals is a unique twist on this standard parade.

Kayaking during Lucia in Copenhagen, Denmark

Pic: Thomas Rousing (CC)

At 5pm on December 13th, hundreds of kayaks will depart from Kayak Republic and pass through Nyhavn, Christianshavn and Højbro Plads before returning to the starting point.

Find a spot on the banks of the canals and watch the procession of kayaks go by, decked out in beautiful Christmas lights and candles. The event is free if you want to join in; participants are simply expected to make a small donation of 100 DKK to Amnesty International in lieu of a fee.

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