J-Dag Christmas beer launch, Denmark

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November 1, 2019 all-day
Various locations

As soon as the clock strikes 8.59pm on November 1st, Denmark’s towns and cities will become filled with crowds of people dressed in blue Santa outfits.

They’ll be celebrating J-Dag, an unofficial holiday to mark the time when the Tuborg Christmas Beer (Tuborg Julebryg) hits shelves and bars around the country.

J-Day Christmas beer launch in Denmark

Pic: Karl Baron (CC)

The beverage is only available for 10 weeks each year but is Denmark’s fourth-highest-selling beer. Young Danes celebrate its arrival in the first week of November by dressing up in blue and consuming the drink, well, pretty much anywhere.

Carlsberg employees drive around in trucks and visit bars and cafés while singing the traditional Tuborg Christmas Brew song and handing out free beer to mark the start of the festive season.

The origin of the event stems from a 1980 Tuborg commercial featuring a blue-dressed Santa that became so popular the company created a special Christmas brew. Try the Yuletide beer for yourself or watch the celebrations in the streets of Copenhagen.

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