Djangofestivalen 2018, Oslo

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January 19, 2018 – January 20, 2018 all-day
Vogts gate 64
0477 Oslo
650 NOK (two-day pass); 380 NOK (one-day pass)

This low-key jazz festival, held every year in Oslo since 1980, celebrates the music and legacy of famed French-Romani jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Djangofestivalen is a jazz festival in Oslo, Norway

Pic: Tore Sætre (CC)

Since the festival’s establishment in Norway nearly four decades ago, it has been duplicated by music fans around the world, and now jazz festivals held in Reinhardt’s memory can be found in over 50 different countries.

Reinhardt’s Romani roots influenced his unique style of jazz, and his music has inspired generations of performers. At Djangofestivalen you can hear performances of Reinhardt’s classic pieces, as well as new jazz works inspired by his singular style.

The Cosmopolite music club in the heart of Oslo’s Torshov neighborhood has been home to the festival since 1992. One of the top jazz stages in the city, it has been the showcase for great acts from both Norway and abroad. This year’s Djangofestivalen is no exception, and will feature artists from Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and Reinhardt’s native France.

Tickets are 380 NOK for a single night or 650 NOK for a full festival pass. On both nights the doors open at 7pm, and the concert kicks off at 8pm.

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