Copenhagen Sakura Festival

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April 27, 2019 – April 28, 2019 all-day
1259 København K

The cherry blossom season arrives in Copenhagen as the Japanese Sakura trees at Langelinie Park explode in a stunning array of pinks and whites.

The Sakura Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark

Pic: Leif Jorgensen (CC)

A tradition with roots firmly in Japan, Copenhagen’s Sakura festival shows that the beauty of cherry blossom floating through the air on the shoulder of spring is far from out of place in Scandinavia.

The 200 Sakura trees in Langelinie Park are expected to be bursting with colour by the final weekend in April.

In order to celebrate this, the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, a collaboration between the city municipality and the Japanese Embassy, is celebrating with a two-day event that will give visitors the chance to take a leaf out the book of Japanese culture.

The programme is set to include drum shows, folk dances and martial arts displays – plus no shortage of passers-by in kimonos.

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