Copenhagen Light Festival, Copenhagen

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February 1, 2020 – February 23, 2020 all-day

Let there be light! In the heart of Copenhagen, February will see the capital’s third annual light festival take place.

The annual light festival in Copenhagen
Pic: Kristoffer Trolle (CC)

Light installations are a unique art form that transform the inner city and the harbour area into an open-air gallery, where the ‘canvases’ come in the shape of bridges, squares and buildings.

Sponsored by the Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen, the 2020 festival will see 35 to 40 installations in at least 20 venues. There will be plenty of exciting events and art works, which promise to dazzle the audience, with their use of urban spaces, colours, movement and co-ordinated sound effects.

The art can be enjoyed for free on foot, or you can take guided festival tours by bike, Segway, canal boat or even in a kayak. The festival is a great stage for light designers and artists to showcase their talent – and a feast of light for all to enjoy.

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