Color Obstacle Rush, Stockholm

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June 29, 2019 all-day
Sandhamnsgatan 80
115 28 Stockholm
From 474 SEK

Stockholm’s Color Run is no ordinary running event. This five-kilometre long course sees runners doused in bright bursts of colour, and no jogger crosses the finishing line looking quite the same.

Stockholm's Color Obstacle Run is an unusual running event

Pic: Chris Phutully (CC)

Since 2017, giant obstacles have been added to the popular event, making it more of a challenge than usual – and presumably a lot more fun, too.

Needless to say, the colour run is great for those who wouldn’t usually class themselves as runners; it’s perfectly acceptable to walk, jump or even dance around as much of the course as you like.

Colour stations, obstacles and a mass of foam and music mean you’re just as likely to run out of breath from laughing as from exercise.

Get ready to create your very own colour mix on the white (to start with) t-shirt included in the entrance fee, then bounce, tumble and tangle through every colour of the rainbow.

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